Diamond Sky is EASA approved AOC and NCC operator providing aircraft management, charter, cargo and commercial flights. The company started operations back in 2013 and has commercially operated small piston engine airplanes and different business jets. We are striving to become the largest business jet operator in the Nordic area and expanding our operations scope continuously, with safety being the most important factor of them all. Our main location is Tallinn, Estonia, with an aviation network stretching from Europe to Southeast Asia.


Diamond Sky has kept an excellent safety record over the years of our operation and we are continuously improving our safety management system to fit with the ever changing world of both scheduled and private aircraft operations. We meticulously assess our staff to fit within our company standards and constantly train both the crews and office teams.


Flying on your own terms and schedule! We believe it’s not about getting from A to B. It's about getting the most from the entire journey. Diamond Sky is committed to reducing the hassles and complexities to get you where you want to go.


Our goal is to find ways to reduce the climate impact of our flying.

Diamond Sky – Carbon neutral airline by 2030

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