Aircraft management, charter, cargo and commercial flights

Diamond Sky

Diamond Sky is EASA approved AOC and NCC operator providing aircraft management, charter, cargo and commercial flights.

Our main location is Tallinn, Estonia, with an aviation network stretching from Europe to Southeast Asia.


With extensive experience in the aviation industry, the Diamond Sky team will take into account all your requirements and take care of your needs, offering the best solutions for you.


Diamond Sky and our partners fleet consists of aircrafts from small piston powered aircraft to high end jets capable of variety of different missions.


Managing Business Aviation aircraft in the aviation business is challenging. Our professional team will help you maintain the safe and efficient flight of your aircraft.


In the aviation business, there is often a difference in the cost and complexity of transportation. Our team will help you understand the various aspects and costs of operating an aircraft.


Diamond Sky holds EASA Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and Operator Licence (OL) issued by Estonian Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial flights.

In Estonia Diamond Sky provides air transport to Ruhnu island


Our fleet consists of 11 managed aircrafts based in Estonia and other countries.

Nextant 400 XTi

Passenger capacity: 8
Crew: 2
Max cruise speed: 820 km/h
Max range: 3300 km

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Piaggio P.180 Avanti

Passenger capacity: 8
Crew: 1-2
Max cruise speed: 650 km/h
Max range: 1665 km

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Cessna 510 Citation Mustang

Passenger capacity: 4-5
Crew: 1-2
Max cruise speed: 630 km/h
Max range: 2130 km

Embraer Phenom 300E

Passenger capacity: 9
Crew: 1-2
Max cruise speed: 839 km/h
Max range: 3650 km

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Pilatus PC-12 NGX

Passenger capacity: 8-9
Crew: 1-2
Max cruise speed: 537 km/h
Max range: 3400 km

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Diamond DA62

Passenger capacity: 5-6
Crew: 1-2
Max cruise speed: 355 km/h
Max range: 2100 km

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Diamond DA62

Passenger capacity: 5-6
Crew: 1-2
Max cruise speed: 355 km/h
Max range: 2100 km

Britten-Norman Islander BN2B

Passenger capacity: 9
Crew: 1-2 
Max cruise speed: 250 km/h
Max range: 900 km

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Passenger capacity: 6-7
Crew: 1-2
Max speed: 259 km/h
Max range: 620 km

Eurocopter EC130 T2

Passenger capacity: 6
Crew: 1
Max cruise speed: 203 km/h
Max range: 530 km

Robinson R44 Raven II

Passenger capacity: 3
Crew: 1
Max cruise speed at max gross weight: 202 km/h
Max range: 550 km

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Gianni Sky Restaurant offers heavenly good meals during your private flight


Diamond Sky team consists of aviation professionals having years of experience in the industry. Most of our team are pilots, having on field experience helps to find the optimum solution for your aviation related needs.

Chairman of the board
Ken Koort
Member of the board
Karl Koort
Madis Vanaselja
Flight Operations ManageR
Karl Rattassep
Crew Training Manager
Kaspar Raamat
Compliance & Safety Manager
Anti Puutsa
Rene Panksep
Representative in Russia
Denis Arkharov
Representative in Benelux Countries
Sjoerd-Jan van Klaarbergen
Representative in Spain
Francisco Javier Crespo
Miika Inkilainen
Vitalii Levchenko


We value your time and we promise to be your reliable partner in all aviation related questions.

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Address: Novira Plaza, 6th floor

Tartu mnt 25, Tallinn, 10117 Estonia
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